Understanding Medicare Part D Formulary

When you have the original Medicare plans you may need to enroll for Medicare part D plan for your drug prescription coverage. Both Medicare part D and Medicare Advantage plan do not cover the entire drug prescription cost. You need to learn the formulary of your plan to understand which drugs are covered by your plan. Formulary is basically the type of drug that is covered by part D.

Medicare formulary has different tiers which vary with cost of the drug in each tier. the lower tier provides drugs that are of low cost while the higher tier provide drugs of high cost. The total drug cost depends with the tier your drugs are and also it depends on whether your prescriptions were given by your network provider.

Get free online quotes here medicaresupplementplans2019.com.There are five tiers in total

Tier 1.  These are the lowest cost drug prescriptions they mainly cover generic drugs in this tier.

Tier2- also provide generic drugs which are of higher cost than for tier 1.

Tier 3- provides preferred branded drugs they are of lower cost that for tier 4 drugs.

Tier 4- there are non- preferred drugs that are lower cost than that provided for in tier 5.

Tier 5- these are specialty drugs. They are of higher costs that those provided in other tiers. They also provide injection drugs costs.

Costs that Medicare Part D Must cover

Although Medicare part D drug plans covers drug prescription depending on the tier, there are common covers that must be covered irrespective of the type of tier you have. These include

Immunization drugs- If you doctor recommend a certain immunization to prevent an illness, the cost must be covered by part D plan.

Anti-depression- These are drugs that are prescribed to prevent depression. If the doctor discovers that you are likely to suffer from depression, he might prescribe these drugs and should be covered by your tier.

Anti-seizures- These are drugs that are taken in prevention of seizures. Seizure is a condition where a patient suffers from partial memory loss.

Antiretroviral- These drugs are given to treat HIV infections and prolong life.

Antipsychotic- These drugs are prescribed to a patient with mental disorder to manage the condition.

Antineoplastic- These are drugs which help to prevent precancerous cells and tumors from growing and spreading further.

If your doctor prescribes drugs following the discovery of the above conditions during treatment, he may prescribe the drugs. These drugs costs must be covered by your Medicare part D drugs plan.



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