Insomnia and the Elderly

When there is major change in a person’s sleeping pattern or when they cannot sleep properly, they start wondering whether they are suffering from insomnia or not. There can be several factors that are responsible for lack of sleep and just one such factor is insomnia. Insomnia can be defined as difficulty in having a sound sleep which can be caused by many factors such as depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, mood swings, and psychological fatigue. These factors continue to affect a human being for a relatively long period of their productive hours. Beside these psychological conditions, there are certain medical conditions that can be termed as responsible factors for insomnia including asthma, chronic pains, lower back pains, hyperthyroidism, gastric and intestinal issues and the list goes on.

Insomnia is increasing day by day as a result of high rate of psychological issues rising due to the psychological price of development. However, it is noticed that the rate of elderly being affect by this situation is far more than youngsters and middle-aged adults. Moreover, females are more affected by insomnia as compared to men. Different medical situations can be a reason for insomnia and it can contribute to some medical conditions including menopause, change in natural sleeping habits, change in social interactions, depression, anxiety and many more. So, this disease should be taken quite seriously.

Seniors mostly get depressed after retirement and tend to have sleepless nights and develop insomnia until they accept the transition and settle with the new lifestyle. Doctors are still facing issues in diagnosing insomnia mainly because the change in sleeping habits is usually termed with age and elderly people tend to complain about lack of sleep usually. Moreover, the symptoms of insomnia are also symptoms of so many other medical conditions. It is difficult for medics to differentiate weather a person is suffering from insomnia or any other medical situation. In these conditions, the medics suggest dual treatment and meanwhile, they carefully examine the medical history of the patient. If required, a patient has to go to an isolated facility for a sleep study. It is good to have a Medicare Supplement Plan for a sleep study.

There are two types of insomnia. Acute insomnia can be caused when a person goes through a sudden stressful situation or is worried about an upcoming stressful situation. This type of insomnia gets cured automatically and needs not to be worried about. Chronic Insomnia is the situations of sleeplessness that is continued over the period of 3 months and occurs at least three times or more in a week. This type of insomnia needs a proper checkup and treatment.

Now there are certain remedies to this condition. People suffering from insomnia are strictly forbidden to intake any sort of stimulants like nicotine, caffeine etc. They should avoid excessive noise and light in his room at night. The quantity of meals and fluids before going to bed should be limited. An intense workout on daily basis also helps a lot. A patient of insomnia shouldn’t be allowed to spend any time on the bed except the actual sleeping time, with proper medicines and treatment, insomnia can be tackled.

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